Introduction:  (Volume I)

          These two volumes probably represent the most important book that has ever been written on deposed sovereignty.

          Because of the important legal concepts contained therein, the author and editors (Stephen Kerr y Baca, JD, LLM, MAT, D. Edward Goff, Ph.D., DBA, Carl Edwin Lindgren, D.Ed., and Guye Pennington, MBA) have unitedly determined that this two volume book should be posted on the internet in full, so that as many people as possible can be exposed to it.

          It is extremely rare that people interested in nobility and royalty fully understand or comprehend the legal right of the sovereign head of a deposed royal house to be a fons honorum with the lawful right to award honors and give special recognitions for merit.  Nor do many know how to ensure that these sacred rights of authentic and true sovereignty are perpetuated.  Such important and relevant legal realities will be addressed in great detail along with repeated examples based on historical, legal, and political precedents.

          Dr. Kerr has put together a remarkable book that could unify the whole field of nobility and royalty around the only subject upon which everyone could agree, that is, upon the need for the absolute rule of just laws.
          The following are some of the comments submitted on this extraordinary book.  They reflect the fact that this book is a major contribution to the field of non-territorial sovereignty:                  

          "It is magnificently done and of great worth." (Adalberto J. Urbina Briceno, Sc.D., Professor Head of the Public International Law Chair of the Catholic University Andres Bello- Caracas)

          "It is written in a clear and compelling manner. It is hoped that more and more people will become familiar with the laws of justice contained in this book." (Thubten Samphel, director of the Tibet Policy Institute of the Central Tibetan Administration and author of the book Falling Through the Roof, Dharamshala, India)

          "Dr. Kerr has put together a book that is a "one of a kind" providing what is needed to perpetuate the rights of deposed sovereignty. For all those interested in the legal future of nobility and royalty, this is a very important, scholarly and insightful book to read." (LaWanna Blount, Ph.D., F.Coll.T, vice president, co-founder and professor at the International College of Interdisciplinary Sciences, Como, Mississippi, USA)

          "It is a goldmine of references and is a valuable account of a [thought provoking] . . . and poorly understood area of law." (Rev'd Professor Noel Cox, LLM, MA, MTheol, Ph.D., LTh, FRHists, Barrister, Aberystwyth University, New Zealand)

          "Dr. Kerr's book . . . is one of those . . . path breaking works that throws new light on a field of study . . . on the complex legal and philosophical sinews that keep alive [deposed] monarchies. . . . This type of writing fills a huge gap within the royal studies field. . . ." (Dr. Diana Mandache, historian and author, Bucharest, Romania)

          "The author obviously has a deep understanding of international law and how it relates to deposed monarchies and exiled governments. The content is well structured and well written. I accept this book as conforming to the highest academic standards expected of a master scholar and practitioner." (Alexander Arapov, Sc.D., Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology of the All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics, a branch of the Financial University of the Russian Federation)

          "This has been the most interesting and helpful book I have read in the field of nobiliary law as well as international law . . . . It exemplifies the highest level of scholarly content, clarity and depth of inquiry yet presented on this profound and important subject." (Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radovic-Markovic, Academician, Institute of Economic Sciences and Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade, Serbia)

          The treasures of knowledge and insight contained in this book make it worth every effort to read and comprehend. It is considered to be a major contribution to the field.  It is a comprehensive guide that holds the key that could unifying the field of nobility and royalty. As stated in the Foreward:

          The whole field of nobility and royalty is in disarray and confusion. It is rife with falsehoods, misguided experts, phony princes, and counterfeit chivalric orders. Besides the numerous scams and charlatans that exist, there is a widespread misunderstanding of the international and natural laws that govern dynastic rights. This is a field that is truly divided. This sad state of affairs need not continue. If international law is honored, revered and respected, then everything can be set in its proper order. The grand key to this needed unity is the rule of the just, time-honored laws that already exist.

          We invite all to read the whole book or parts of it that strike their interest and thus become more acqauinted with the gems of natural law that could transform our modern society. To get an idea of the depth of the subject matter covered and find areas of particular interest, see the Table of Contents for Volume I and the Table of Contents for Volume II.

A hard copy of this book will be made available for cost in the near future.

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