Preface:  (Volume II)
          We live in a world of many falsehoods and scams -- the damage of which is estimated to be in the range of billions of dollars.  In the field of nobility and royalty, there are numerous modern day pirates who counterfeit and impersonate what is genuine and true, and by their bad examples they often make those who hold real and authentic titles look foolish.  This state of affairs is the direct result of a lack of knowledge and understanding.  The confusion that exists about international law creates fertile ground for the impostors to deceive and take advantage of people.

          The rule of law, on the other hand, is the answer, because it creates order, clarity, and unity out of contradiction.  It is black and white instead of being gray and undefined.

          One of the most important law principles is prescription.  Volume II of this work, in and of itself, is probably the most comprehensive and definitive work on the rules of prescription that can be found.  For deposed sovereignty, prescription is a core issue or concern.  For without it, sovereignty and all the royal rights and privileges that go with it, for the dispossessed, cannot legally exist.  No other law on earth provides for the lawful continuance of de jure non-territorial sovereignty for deposed royal houses and exiled governments.  Based on natural law, it is binding on all people and in all ages of the world.  Its importance to sovereignty, justice and the field of nobility and royalty cannot be underestimated.  All of which makes this volume of the book Non-Territorial Sovereignty in International Law of great worth to the dispossessed.

          Volume II was created by dividing the completed book into two parts, as the number of pages were too large to be printed in one volume.  Hence, the same Foreword, Table of Contents, Index, Introduction, etc. are in each edition.

-----Guye Pennington (Assistant Editor), MBA

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