Preface:  (Volume I)
          In order to incorporate the large amount of substantiation that is available for the concepts taught, and to thoroughly cover this important subject, this book grew in length to the point that it was considered best to divide it into two volumes.  Each is complete in and of itself, but, together, they present the subject in the most comprehensive manner possible.  Each volume will have the full Table of Contents, Index, Foreword, and Acknowledgements, but each volume is unique and vital to a complete understanding of this field.  It is believed that this book is the most comprehensive and definitive book on this subject ever written.

         On a personal note Id like to add that:

          It is an absolute pleasure to be involved in the most comprehensive and scholarly analysis of de jure sovereignty ever undertaken.  I am honored that I was asked to serve as an editor for this important work.  I wish to extend my thanks to my beautiful and patient wife, Deborah, and my wonderful son, William, for their support on this project.  I also would like to extend a thank you to the royals whom Ive had the pleasure of working with on various charitable projects: H.M. King Kigeli V of Rwanda, H.R.H. Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinski of Georgia, and H.M. King Solomon Iguru I of Bunyoro-Kitara.  Your fine examples of leadership and grace are inspirational, and it has been an honor to serve with you.  Id also like to relay my thanks to Dr. Stephen P. Kerr, Dr. D. Edward Goff, and Dr. Carl Lindgren for their support and enthusiasm for this project.  Thank you.

-----Guye Pennington (Assistant Editor), MBA

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