Acknowledgements:  (Volume I)
          This exhaustive study of Non-Territorial Sovereignty in International Law has gone from a master of law’s thesis with 282 footnotes to a two volume book with over 2,800 footnotes and over 800 pages.  A great deal of original research, time and energy has gone into it.  The editors, Dr. D. Edward Goff, Dr. Carl Lindgren, and Guye Pennington have contributed greatly to this project, each in his own way.  Others have greatly helped in the process as well: Dr. LaWanna Blount, Susan Joan Goff and Brian Carter.  This is the group, as a team, and individually, that made this project come alive.  I owe a debt of gratitude for their unselfish service in its completion.  It is a book not only about legal verities.  In addition, it brings a wealth of substantiation which adds great weight and meaning to the core ideals and fundamental principles revealed therein.

          I would also like to recognize the historical insights and logical contributions of two outstanding Knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta on the issue of the functional non-territorial Sovereignty: the Nob. Gerald Warner of Craigenmaddie, K.M. and the Chevalier Stephen Klimczuk, K.M., and the contributions of others, like my brother’s secretary, Christine Harper of the Chicago law firm of KIRKLAND & ELLIS, my brother Michael, my sister-in-law, Lenore, my nephew Alex, my first cousin John Pen La Farge of Santa Fé, and finally, I would be most remiss—if not actually guilty of an offence against Chivalry—if I did not acknowledge the long and faithful service of Raymond Baines.

-----Stephen Baca y Kerr

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