About the Author:  (Volume I)
          Stephen Kerr y Baca received a bachelor of business administration in finance and economics in 1967 and a juris doctorate in 1969 both from the University of Oklahoma.  In 1978, he received a Master of Laws degree from The George Washington University Law School in public international law, which included work with the Hague Academy of International Law and the International Court of Justice.  He was a professor of public international law and human rights at Antioch School of Law where he also received a Master of Arts degree in teaching.

          He was a special international legal counsel to the junior Austrian Branch of the Habsburgs for the recovery of entailed House properties confiscated in 1939 by the Third Reich.  He is in the process of devising a new legal theory for the recovery of these properties.

          Dr. Kerr y Baca armorially matriculated inherited paternal arms as Baron of Ardgowan in the Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland.  In 1973, he was patented as a Knight of Merit with Star in the Sacred Military Order of Constantine of St. George by HRH Ferdinand (IV) of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro; and by the intervention of the Habsburgs, he became a Marianer Knight of the Teutonic Order.  Dr. Kerr y Baca is an Officer of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem under Queen Elizabeth II.

          Through his uncle in Santa Fé, the noted author, anthropologist, and American Indian rights activist, Oliver La Farge (Pulitzer Prize 1929, "Laughing Boy") who recovered the Blue Lake for the Taos Indian Pueblo shortly before his death in 1963, Dr. Kerr y Baca became fascinated with legal issues surrounding the non-territorial sovereignty of the oppressed Indian Nations and other non-State entities in public international law.

          Such issues were explored in his 1978 Master of Laws degree thesis entitled, "The Theoretical Basis For and Functions of Non-Territorial and De Jure Sovereignty under Public International Law."  Much of this book is a refined and expanded version of this major 300-page scholarly study.  It pulls together the thoughts of hundreds of jurists and publicists and boils them down into a focused and highly substantiated document.  As such, this book is a breath of fresh air in the midst of diverse legal opinions and interpretations.

          Dr. Kerr y Baca has effectively gathered together the rock solid principles of law, justice and common sense to create a book that elaborates the legal certainties that can be an important new beginning in the process of reconnecting international law with its organic roots, its legacy and the real purpose of its existence.  I heartily and professionally recommend this book as one of great value, worth, and interest.

-----Assistant Editor: Carl Edwin Lindgren, D.Ed., FCP (London), FRAI, FRSA, President and Founder of the International College of Interdisciplinary Sciences, Editor of the professional Journal ALTAIR

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